Easy tricks to teach your dog

Training your dog is not only fun, but it also builds your bond with your furry friend. Here are five easy tricks to teach your dog that is as fun as it is mentally stimulating for both you and your pet pooch!

✔️ Have your dog sit down in a “down position.”
✔️ Put a treat on your hand. As its head reaches back to sniff the treat, roll it over.
✔️ When your dog completes the trick, give the treat and praise the dog (good boy!).
✔️ Repeat this exercise for about ten minutes every day until the dog gets it.

Shake hands
✔️ Have your dog be in a “sit position.”
✔️ Put a treat in your hand, then move it towards the dog’s paw.
✔️ Say the verbal cue “shake” out loud.
✔️ Repeat this exercise until the dog does it automatically upon verbal cue.

This would require the same approach as ‘shake hands’ but instead of putting the treat near the paw, you hold it out as if to high five. The verbal cue of “high five” should be repeated so your dog can distinguish between a shake and a high five.

✔️ Have your dog in a sit position.
✔️ Wave a treat near enough the dog’s nose for it to sniff the treat.
✔️ Keep waving the treat until the dog makes a sound. When it makes a sound, then you get to give the treat as a reward.
✔️ Verbal cue here is “speak.”

✔️ Have your dog in a sitting position and hold a treat near its nose.
✔️ Lift hand over and slightly behind the dog’s head. The dog will most likely stand on its hind legs as its response.
✔️ When it does, give your pet a treat.
✔️ Use the verbal cue “dance.”

There is no need to hire a professional dog trainer. For as long as you have the time to do so, you can teach these easy tricks to your dogs. Happy training!

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