Christmas shopping tips

With everything pretty much available online, it’s getting more and more difficult to practice restraint when it comes to shopping online. Knowing that this will be detrimental to your financial well-being, it’s best to put on the brakes while you still can. With these easy tips on how to shop wisely online, you can do just that!

Make a list and stick with it

Do what you usually do when you go to brick-and-mortar shops. Prioritise. Which items do you really need? Which can wait? Write your urgent must-haves and have the willpower to stick with your list. By saving now, you can set aside more money for that one big splurge on a pricey goal tomorrow.

Imagine the money you’ll have when you don’t purchase it

Change your perspective! Don’t limit your imagination with how you will look like if when you wear that dress, carry that bag, or slip on those shoes. Need to restrain yourself? Then think about the money you can save when you don’t make that purchase. This takes a whole lot of self-control, but it is the first step towards being responsible for your finances. So-called adulting starts now, and the best way to begin is understanding the value of saving for a rainy day.

Give yourself time to think

Buying on an impulse is the bane of your online existence. This may lead to actual mental health concerns as you become plagued with buyer’s remorse and financial woes well after you’ve checked out. That’s the beauty of the add to cart feature. You can select the items that you fancy and leave them on the virtual cart for future consideration. Chances are when you’ve logged out and gone back in, you’ll realise that you really don’t need an extra piece of garment or yet another pair of shoes. Step away, then go back. It will help you build up self-control to say no to unnecessary online purchases.

Find discounts and rack up points

It’s Black Friday today so you can imagine the fantastic deals that await you. Take advantage of discount coupons and rack up points for even more discounts in the future. But don’t forget to continue practising restraint. Just because it’s a couple of bucks off does not mean that you need to go beyond what you intend to buy. Go back to the first tip – know what you want and stick with it. A purchase is still a purchase no matter the discount so don’t give up on self-control even when there’s a massive sale that’s going on. We did a post featuring all the Black Friday deals so check them out when you click here!

As the holiday season kicks in, marketing ads dominate the virtual space making it even more challenging to keep your wallet in your pocket. With these practical tips, however, we’re confident that you’ll be a smart online shopper who’s a pro at getting what you need while significantly reducing costs.

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