What the type of car you drive says about you

Last time, we made a blog post about bags and how the bag you’re wearing defines you as a person. Well, while it was all for fun, let’s be real about this–a lot of people judge you based on your selection of personal items and essentials. When you wear a lot of shiny jewellery, people think you’re wealthy and you love luxury. When you love bringing your backpack everywhere, some of your peers believe that you’re low maintenance and always on the go.

The same thing is true with cars. Depending on what kind of automobile a person is driving, you can infer if they have a growing family, they are an eligible bachelor, or if they advocate for sustainability.

So, what does your choice of car say about your personality? Let’s find out.

People who drive sedans, it seems, are secure about themselves and their financial situation. They value dependability and safety, and are not fond of gestures that display grandeur. Practical and sensible, they love a car that effectively brings them from Point A to Point B.

The roofless vehicle is a common choice of carefree, young people who are fond of long road trips with their beau or their cliques. You can imagine them going to spring break events, catching everyone’s attention with their hot, summer looks.

The crossover is a common choice of parents with small children. It is spacious enough to allow kids to sit comfortably at the back and for the local produce bought from the farmer’s market to fit in. With great mileage and exceptional functionality, the crossover is a practical choice for those who settled down.

Hybrid car
The hybrid car might be expensive upfront but the long-term savings one can enjoy. Undoubtedly, those who prefer this car are environmentally conscious but they are also subtly telling everyone that they have money to burn. Well, at least, it’s not fuel that they’re burning.

Sports car
The sports car may project luxury and thrill but it is actually really not for those with high incomes. Those who drive a sports car are crazy about racing and loves adventures but they are not necessarily high-income earners.

Remember, your car is a mirror of your personality! Are you practical, carefree, or luxurious? Comment down below.

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