The art of collecting

Whether it’s old knick-knacks or a pair of concert tickets, we all have tried collecting a thing or two.

For some, it has become an even more serious hobby that has even translated to business. Hard-core collectors are willing to shell out thousands of dollars just to own a prized find.

Why do people collect? There are many reasons why we do. Here are some of them:

The thrill of the chase
There is something innately exciting with the chase. Ask any collector, and he/she can tell you the exhilaration one feels not only with finding obscure items but the actual process of doing so. And with the aid of technology, chasing the rarest of items has become somewhat like modern-day treasure hunting.

Wouldn’t you want to remember the first time you went to a huge concert? Wouldn’t you want to keep memorabilia from an exciting championship game? Wouldn’t you want to have a keepsake in remembrance of a treasured relationship? Yes, a lot of people collect to remind them of what was, to honour a particular time in history that they hold dear. Looking at their collection gives them happy sometimes bittersweet nostalgic feels. That alone makes collecting worth it.

Some collectors collect for the sheer fun that they get out of it. Their collection display says it all. A complete set of the first printed Games of Thrones books? Major yay! A full collection of Justice League Animated edition toys? Awesome! Cat figurines throughout the living room? Adorable! Yes, collecting gives unparalleled joy to the collector. This pretty much explains why there is continued fascination in the art of collecting.

So what do people collect? There are so many, too many things to mention. However, for the purpose of this article, we will talk about the top five most popular collectibles, and as an added feature, we will discuss how to store them properly.

Fine art and jewellery
Personal and valuable, people have been collecting fine art and jewellery. Ranging from the attainable to the extravagant, everyone wants a piece of the glitz and glamour fine art, and jewellery collection can offer. Since these items are susceptible to environmental damage, storage would require a climate-controlled space. Yes, storing fine art and jewellery is as expensive as it is collecting them – sometimes, even more!

Philately or the collection and study of stamps has been a favourite pastime for many people throughout the world. Serious philatelists are known to have valuable stamps that have a resale value in the thousands of US dollars. Storing stamps can be a little tricky since they are ultra susceptible to humidity, temperature, light exposure, pests, and improper handling. Consider these when you plan to start your own stamp collection.

Coins and currency
No collection list is complete without mentioning numismatics or the collection or study of coins and currency. These collectible items also have a high resale value so you might want to take good care of them. While coins are more pliant to environmental changes, paper currency is not. Store them as you would stamps, that is, paying attention to environmental factors, including humidity, temperature, light exposure, pests, and improper handling.

Trading cards
From sports to manga characters, trading cards enjoy a major following hence the interest in collecting them. They also have excellent resale value for the right buyer. For your more valuable cards, it would be best to store them separately by putting them in individual sleeves. Climate control is also important since these cards are also vulnerable to environmental changes.

Dolls and toys
These never go out of style. In fact, the older toys preserved correctly in their original box bear unbelievable resale value. Again, keeping environmental threats at bay is the most important, so make sure you store them properly. Preserving the box is a wonderful idea since it protects the toy while it increases your toy collectible’s value!

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