It’s all about home aesthetics

Your home is a reflection of you. From colours to furniture to overall aesthetics, your home is a veritable extension of yourself. And with more time spent at home, you can definitely spruce up your living space to better reflect where you are at the moment.

Looking for inspiration? Well, look no further. Here are two home aesthetics that have become the go-to design for many homeowners of late. You can definitely use these ideas and make them your own!

Cottage classic

Airy and romantic, this aesthetic reflects the homey English countryside. Featuring a lot of fresh florals, woven grass accents, and intricate embroidery amid a lush, creamy white background, these types of interior design jumps straight out from a page of your favourite fairy tale book. Achieve this look with vintage knick-knacks, dried flowers, and the most delicate accessories you can find. It is the perfect design if you want to achieve a simple and subtle look. A cottage classic home design is, indeed, a place for centred calmness and relaxing peace.

Photo credit: Real Homes

Messy whimsical

Gunning for a residence worthy of the Mad Hatter? Then messy whimsical is the best direction to go. Intentionally cluttered, this organised mess of design is an excellent exercise in creativity. From stimulating colours to a curated imbalance to an explosion of conversation pieces generously displayed around the space, this is as warm and as loud as the home design gets. Stack up as many books as you want. Mix and match carpets and drapes. Distribute interesting knick-knacks where you can. If you want to be daring and bold, this is the interior design that you should go for!

Photo credit: Texarkana Gazette

So what are you waiting for? Time to get all those creative juices flowing, starting with redesigning your living space. We’d love to see what you come up with! Share your awe-inspiring home designs with us!

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