Why refurbished IT equipment is better than buying new ones

When it comes to data centre gear, new does not always mean better. Yes, while there are some advantages to buying new equipment, sometimes it is actually not needed at all not to mention, expensive.

If you need to upgrade your organisation’s data centre, why not opt for refurbished units instead? Not only will you be able to enjoy more savings, but you will also be able to get reliable gear for as long as you are buying from a reputable source.

Need more convincing why refurbished IT gear is better? Read on.

  • Cost efficiency. A refurbished unit can save you up to 30 percent in upfront costs and more if you go for older servers.
  • Functionality. Okay, while newly released equipment is faster and more advanced, a used next-gen gear can still serve your data centre needs well. While hardware does depreciate faster, getting older models doesn’t mean your system performs poorly.
  • Sustainability. When you support the refurbished IT industry, you are helping lessen the technological waste that goes to the dumpsite and continues to hurt the environment.

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