Shopping for your first bowling gear

If you’re looking to explore bowling as a new sport, shopping for the things that you need to get started can be confusing. Your mind might be clouded with thoughts of what shoes to buy, what ball brand to opt for, or what weight should you go for.

Before you get overwhelmed with all the bowling stuff you need to equip yourself with, not to mention getting really good at striking up the turkeys, why don’t you take a deep breath instead? We got you covered.
Our team at People’s Inc. has put together a number of tips that can guide you in your journey towards becoming a bowling athlete.

A good ball should have good-fitting finger holes and should have a good grip when you position in your hand. Choose a ball that fits a little bit loose on the holes to allow you to move freely. As for the size, choose the one that weighs 11–12 pounds if you’re a woman, 14-15 pounds if you’re a man.

If you plan on doing bowling long-term, it is ideal that you invest in quality footwear. Regular shoes just won’t do the job because they are not safe to use in the specially oiled lanes. Bowling shoes have special soles that make movement on the lane easier–whether you slide or brake

Bowling Towel
No. This is not for you to wipe your sweat away but this is for your ball. As you know, every time the ball rolls to hit the pins, it collects oil–which when not removed will cause the ball to slide and not spin. This will affect your performance as a bowler. So every time you throw a ball, make sure to wipe it clean before you target those pins again.

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