If 2020 was a meme

We all started the year with positivity and had specific goals planned. But when the coronavirus started hitting various parts of the world, making it a global health crisis, everything we hoped to achieve all went down the drain.

Even in the first quarter of 2020, so many things have happened and admittedly, it just kept getting weirder from there.

Although the year is almost over, everyone’s bracing because we’ll never know what will happen next. It’s been quite a challenge, right? From the Brexit issue to the bushfires in Australia; from the COVID-19 pandemic to the declining global economies; from the intense Black Lives Matter movement to protests in different cities in the world—this year is really too much, too rough.

So to lighten our moods and not be too affected about the horror that is 2020, why don’t we find some humour in the situation. It isn’t bad to be light-hearted about it!

So don’t we let Internet memes speak for how we really feel? Check out our choices below.


2020 outfit of the month

Every month it seems that something remarkable or bad happens.


2020 plans vs the actual 2020 life

We all imagine our quarantined life to be filled with workouts and wellness activities. But in reality, we’re always eating and cooking just to let the days pass.


Teenagers in the future looking back in history

Future students will scratch their heads trying to recall everything that happened in 2020.

Which one is your favourite?

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