Announcing #pinccny winners!


Some of you are starting the Year of the Rat really lucky!

We have the names of the winners of PINC’s (digital) Red Packets. Can we hear you say, ‘HUAT AH!’

TWENTY OF YOU, in the YEAR 2020 will be rewarded with extra PINC points for posting on the platform.

We saw the pictures (a lot of them) of you celebrating the 2020 New Year or Chinese New Year (preparations, food, ootd, decorations, snacks, travel, family gatherings, gifts, drawings, etc.) and we LOVED it!


16 red packets worth 888 PINC points will be given to:

1. @atara
2. @sheza30
3. @joanjibong1
4. @odum89
5. @kimsuba21
6. @sereniedawn
7. @denzkiepedia
8. @anthonysy
9. @dnnbhelle
10. @chejohn
11. @mhai
12. @lindtz10
13. @dorothy09
14. @melvin
15. @bdreyes27
16. @khim0917

3 red packets worth 2020 PINC points go to:

1. @esklimvanila
2. @yukapon
3. @shah

FINALLY, the GRAND PRIZE, the ONE and ONLY red packet worth 8888 PINC points is won by:



Points will be credited into your account within the month of February.

If you don’t have a PINC account yet, sign up at We’ve got more contests coming up that you can join to win more PINC points!

Until then, stay tuned to this page and may the Rat Year bring loads of luck your way!

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