How to collect more PINC points?


Chances are that you just found what a GEM the PINC platform is, and you want to know how to get more points so your journey to redeeming your cash is a little quicker.

Don’t worry, we understand – and we’ve got you covered!

Firstly, you need to take your mind away from earning cash. Don’t get carried away because once it starts feeling like a job, you won’t enjoy your time on PINC!

The whole purpose is for you to engage and post as you would on any social platform, scroll, and let your eyes feast on eye candy. Enjoy the social media process – only then can you be surprised that you are earning as you enjoy your PINC experience.

Do not expect a windfall after you start getting active on PINC, it takes some time to build your points before you can cash out. Good things come to those who wait!

Now that you are able to chillax and enjoy the experience, you can also be mindful of ways to get MORE points.

You get special bonus points every time you log into PINC.
You get 5 points each time you post a picture on PINC.
You get 2 points for each comment you post on another user’s account on PINC.
You get 1 point for each ❤️ you drop on another user’s account.
You get 1 point for each product you tag on your post.
You can 300 points for each successful referral using your referral code.

If you can deduce how we give out points, you’ll realise that we reward you for every step you take on PINC.

*cue The Police’s stalker song, ‘Every Breath You Take’*

Another way to earn points is by being gifted points!

Yes, you can gift points or be gifted points.

If your best friend just joined PINC and you’d like to gift her with a welcome gift, you can send her a gift sticker with 10 points and she will have 10 points added to her account while 10 points will be deducted from yours.

If your content is good, and if you are helping the people of your influence, you might be gifted gifts as well!

But if you are in a bit of a hurry, you could opt to purchase points directly from the marketplace.

With your point collection, you can gift virtual gifts to your friends, cash out, gain future rewards and obtain good ranking benefits on PINC.

Yes, we know, PINC is UH-MAY-ZINGGG! So don’t delay, get engaging on PINC today.

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