How do you cash out your PINC points?

Rub your palms together because payday is HERE!

Yes, for those of you who have been diligently collection points by posting pictures, liking and commenting on posts plus inviting other users to join the cool club, you would probably have a couple of hundred or thousand points now.

For those of you who are still clueless about what PINC is, read till the end, okay?

To cash out, you’d need to know how much your points are worth – 200 points are equivalent to USD 1.

However, instead of cashing out every USD 1 that you earn (it is too cumbersome and hey, where is that sense of satisfaction, right?) there will be a minimum amount to achieve before you can cash out.

The minimum cash-out is USD 100.

Let’s do simple mathematics:

You’d basically need 20,000 points to be able to cash-out.

If you have reached this mark, CONGRATULATIONS!

To cash out you’ll first need to verify your identity and account details that are available on your ‘Edit Profile’ page, you’ll see the ‘Cash Out Options’ there. You’ll be brought to another page that allows you to pick how your preferred cash-out method.

For those who do not see it, do not be alarmed!

The option is only visible after you have reached sufficient points to do the cash-out. (Just a note, we’re looking to change this to be visible to all, but would appreciate your patience while we get this done.)

For those who reside in Singapore, you may select any option offered.
For those who reside outside Singapore, your cash-out will be via PayPal.

Ensure that you fill in the correct information so the money won’t be wired to someone else – yikes! Once you have checked that the data is accurate, click ‘Save’.

Select the number of points you want to exchange for the cash-out. Once that has been keyed in, you can click on ‘Cash Out’.

Do note that there is an up to 30-day hold period for payment to be checked and process. Some regions may take a little longer to process, especially when you’re cashing out for the first time; so we hope that you will be patient.

Whatever it is, your cash-out will be wired to you – but hey, patience is a virtue, right?

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