PINC, Strum and Sing: A music course for those who dare to dream!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar and sing your favourite songs at the same time?

Look no further! Over here at PINC, we have developed a three months programme to empower you with the right techniques and foundation skills to strum guitar chords and sing your favourite melodies!

Our curriculum consists of three phases which will be adapted according to your speed of progression:

Phase i. Technical skills

During this phase, you will be learning fundamental skills like sight-reading music sheets containing guitar chord abbreviations and song lyrics, strumming and rhythm guitar techniques plus basic vocal exercises and pitch recognition.

Phase ii. Combining the fundamentals

During this phase, you will be learning how to apply all the skills together at the same time, techniques to smoothen the entire process of combining several skillsets into practical application.

Phase iii. Polishing to performance standards

During this phase, you will learn the tips and tricks on performing live, including handling stage fright and anxiety, the performing mindset and be tested on various platforms to push out of your comfort zone.

Worried that you are:

i. Unsure whether you feel comfortable learning from the instructor?

ii. Unable to commit to the entire three months program right at the start?

iii. Currently on a shoestring budget?

Good news!

We are currently offering a single trial lesson at SGD 25 (usual SGD 50 per hour). It will be a one-to-one session and you can take the opportunity to understand whether this programme and the instructor is suitable for you! Currently, this course is only available in Singapore, but please do comment or leave your details below if you’d like us to digitalise it!


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What’s more?

Live your dreams, it’s your time to shine! As a PINC project, we highly encouraged all participants to “pinc” your journey with us on our platform, PINC! Climb the leaderboards and show the world the star you truly are! You’d never know, your next lesson could be free – the more you post, interact and “receive gifts” the more points you get! (Read how points work here.)

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About the instructor

Edmund Lee has performed for almost 10 years in various locations from cultural venues such as Esplanade to your neighbourhood bar and restaurants. He has also taught at both public and private schools on music-related topics such as basic vocal techniques, elementary guitar skills and performance workshops. Check out his acoustic cover of “All of Me” by John Legend below where the audio was recorded live while doing the shoot:

Need more information? Comment below!

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