“Work harder to play harder,” says Isaac Goh

We have grown up believing that one must work hard to succeed in life.

Hard work implies doing something over and over again to get the desired goal.

Being disciplined, decisive and being able to lead. For Isaac Goh, growth is a process of empowerment.

From being a waiter at the age of 17 to now working with Great Eastern Life as a financial advisor. Isaac Goh’s journey is undeniable proof that hard work pays off.

What shaped him into who he is now was when he had the opportunity to go overseas to study. He took up multiple jobs because he wanted to learn what working was like and how everything works. During his three years, he did many many jobs, from working as a waiter and a building manager to odd jobs such as harvesting potatoes and painting fences. 

However, he was constantly reminded by his dad not to work for a boss and also don’t exchange his time for money.

He took home great values that drive him to choose what he is doing now from all these. “I’m extremely grateful”, he added. Now he is into insurance, investments, retirement planning and legacy planning.

“It’s quite a special feeling, meeting new faces and also people you just meet putting their trust in you.”, Isaac said when asked what excites him to his line of work.

And of course, the difficulty is always there along the way; reaching out to new people and constantly finding ways to improve what he’s doing is the most challenging obstacle for him.

But the fact that he knows at the end of the day, he wouldn’t want to regret it. He knows that everything he needs and has is under his control, and if he doesn’t show results, it’s only he who has himself to blame.

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t just born into this world. Isaac believes that to be successful, you need to have that hunger to succeed and discipline. It takes a lot to get what he visioned out there, starting from their team’s core values.

He also realised that even if sometimes you don’t know your “why,” you just need to keep working hard. You won’t regret it in future. A lot of people question their purpose in life. Just keep doing what you do; you’ll get there.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “stay disciplined and stay consistent.” According to Isaac, if you ever have trouble managing your business, especially when money is tight, getting investors would be advisable.

For those who are looking to get into insurance, his advice: “It’s not going to be easy. Lots of hardship but with consistent work and drive with the right team. You will go far in this line.”

Before anything else, you have to manage your finances first. Here are some personal finance tips from Isaac:

  1. Take care of the essential things first, like hospital and accident plans.
  2. If there is a cheat code in life, insurance will be it.
  3. Pay yourself first. Start saving or investing.
  4. Always plan ahead of time.

If they need someone they can trust to handle their financials, Isaac will be the man to ensure they are on the right track. He lives it; he breathes it. Actions speak louder than words, and it’s what he believes in. Leading by example is what he thinks, and he got lots of people who trust him. Not only clients but friends and family as well.

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More insights from Isaac Goh:

Q: Life has its ups and downs; can you tell us a compelling story?

A: Up and down, I feel that most things are created in our brain as mind blocks. The human brain is potent. All we need to do sometimes is to remind ourselves that nothing is impossible. If you can believe it, it can be done.

Q: What motivates you? 

A: Tomorrow. Waking up every day to a brand new day and also knowing that there is a fantastic future ahead for all of us. It keeps me going, and I’m excited about it.

Q: What’s a typical day like for you?

A: Usually up in the morning for a run. Have breakfast and wash up. Then I’ll head to the office to get things done, meet the team, and discuss—most of the time, not many appointments in the morning. Then depending on the days themselves, it would either be networking or going for meetings.

Q: How has the perception of being an agent shifted since you first joined the industry?

A: When I first join the industry, it was during the lockdown. When many in this same industry were struggling, I felt it was normal for me.

Q: What book should every business person read?

A: The book that drove me was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Q: How fortunate are you, and why are you so blessed?

A: I’ve been brought up in a loving family. The choices I made in life made me learn a lot. It’s challenging to be who I am because many people make different choices. And I embrace the fact that I’m always learning and growing. I understand that it takes time.

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