Richard Giam shares how he understands and value human nature

Empowerment according to Richard Giam is having the freedom, courage and conviction to pursue our goals and dreams without fear.

Richard Giam is a co-founder and CEO of Rainmakerz. His job is to connect people for social and business purposes. Read on to learn more about how he interprets human nature, meets, and understands a variety of people.

Q: What motivates you to go further in your business or career?

A: Love for people who needs help – whether financial or emotional.

Q: What do you consider to be the most valuable talents you’ve acquired and implemented
during your journey?

A: Ability to persuade, ability to empathise and ability to discern between fake and sincerity.

Q: What is the most significant mentality shift, belief shift, or “ah-ha” moment you’ve had in
your business?

A: Empower people to take ownership of your business.

Q: How would you choose which emails to answer if you woke up with 1,000 unread emails and
only had time to respond to 100 of them?

A: Click on “From” and read those from people or companies I deemed important.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

A: Never be too quick to judge and jump to conclusions. There are two sides to a coin.

Q: Life has its ups and downs; can you tell us a compelling story?

A: I was deceived and scammed by someone I trust and I also stupidly get my family members and many of my friends to fall into the scam. I trust this friend so much that I became a guarantor for a loan of SGD 100,000 to him.

Q: How fortunate are you, and why are you so fortunate?

A: I am blessed with life, family and friends. Life is good.

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