Seventh Day of Christmas at People’s Inc.

We trust that you all are enjoying your holidays so far! Let’s make it even better as we celebrate the seventh day of Christmas here at People’s Inc.
Before we talk about the gift for the day, let’s talk a little bit about exploring the world in the time of COVID-19. Here are some things you have to remember:

1. Know your country’s and your destination’s travel restrictions. All countries have their own COVID-19 safety measures, so make sure you know them well before your travel date. These measures could include getting tests done, a certain period to quarantine before you can go about, and safety gear you must have with you at all times.

2. Choose a hotel with the high-standard sanitising protocol. Your health and those of your loved ones are a top priority. If you really want to travel, make sure you choose a strict health and sanitation standards hotel. Most hotels publish their protocol online so make sure you go over them before deciding where to stay in.

3. Know the health care centres where you are going. Be prepared for the worst. Be aware of the closest facility where you can get a COVID-19 test. Know which hospitals are nearest your place of stay. Always be a step ahead of that way you will never get caught unawares.

4. Have your pandemic essentials. You’ve got to have your pandemic essential at an arm’s length away. From masks to hand sanitisers to shields, make sure you have enough for your entire trip.

5. Limit eating and drinking while in public. Think of your mask as your shield. It’s always risky when you take your masks off. If you can, eat and drink before taking your flight or while you’re in your hotel room.

6. Socially distance. Don’t be fooled by some folks who seem to be okay with gathering in groups and partying. Socially distance. Enjoy the journey solo or with a loved one.

For all those who love travelling, our gift for the day is just for you! For the seventh day of Christmas, we’re giving away 7 percent off in your accommodation when you visit New South Wales. All you have to do is to book it through Klook and use the code LOVENSWACCOM. Make sure you read the fine print before you click on the book.
There’s more in store in our 12 days of Christmas campaign so make sure you sign up here today!

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