Three ways to get your kids going

Study after study shows that the first five years of your child’s life is crucial in his/her overall development. In fact, it will directly impact the rest of his/her life! Knowing this, it’s essential that we provide opportunities to give our children a headstart in this particular stage of their development. Here are three ways to get your kids going!

Brain stimulation
It’s never too early to get those brain cells going, and you don’t need a computer to do so. Here are some tried-and-tested strategies to stimulate your child’s brain at such a young age!

  • Playing musical instruments
  • Slowly moving colourful objects for your child to see
  • Reading them stories
  • Showing them flashcards or picture books of familiar persons, animals, and objects
  • Playing classical music
  • Play pretend

While these seem like child’s play, it sure can go a long way. Remember, the more skills children learn early on, the better! This will give them a head start, especially when they start going to school.

Be there
Communication skills are directly proportional to opportunities to interact with people. Children imitate what they see and what they hear, so the more they interact with humans, the quicker they pick up meaningful communication. As the primary caregiver, it is the role of parents to pay attention to their children at this crucial stage effectively. A simple cry or coo is an opportunity to build social, emotional, and communication skills, so it’s important for parents to respond accordingly. Important to note is that children reflect the kind of environment they are exposed to at a young age. While this is intuitive, psychologists’ research back up the fact that positive interaction, more often than not, results in well-adjusted children who have the ability to control their impulses and emotions.

Proper Nutrition
Proper nutrition is the bedrock of a child’s development. Being healthy is essential in ensuring optimal growth. Our recommendation? Go for organic foods. These foods are packed with essential nutrients that promote growth and brain development. We have to remember that children of this age are prone to toxins. Since organic foods are free of pesticides, you get the most nutrients in a safe and healthy manner! Check out your organic food options when you click right here.

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