Four ways to stretch your budget while being a student

It sure isn’t easy juggling all your school work on a shoestring budget. But, that’s pretty much reality. Every student has had to go through what you’re going through and, in a way, it’s a rite of passage! So don’t feel down and out. Here are four super practical ways that you can stretch your budget while being a student!

It’s all a matter of planning
Yes, planning is half the battle. Look into the essentials. That should be your top priority. The wants? Well, that can come in a lot later. Once you’ve had enough saved, then you can make that one big splurge. It’s infinitely rewarding to work for something and achieve it at the end of the day. It’s goal-setting in action, a skill that you’d have to master in the “real world.”

If you have enough time to juggle academic work and work, why not? From peer tutoring for a fee or working in a local fast food joint, those extra bucks will go a long way. Plus, you’ll get to learn a thing or two about time management, hard work, and persistence. That’s a major win-win, wouldn’t you say?

Be creative
You don’t have to keep on buying new clothes. You don’t have to buy yet another cup of expensive latte. You don’t have to keep on partying as if there’s no tomorrow, hopping from one top spot to another. Be creative! Look at the clothes you have and repurpose them! Old pants can be the coolest pair of shorts. A dress can either be a skirt or cute cropped top. Make your own brew. Gather all your friends and have a game night in the safety of your room. Creativity definitely helps in putting a lid on spending so get those creative juices going!

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Enjoy the exciting rollercoaster that is student life! Ready to share your experiences? Be a part of a growing virtual community right here when you sign up!

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