How to cut back on your drinking

Has it ever occurred to you how drinking has negatively impacted your life? Has your doctor told you to cut down on alcohol because it is taking a toll on your body? And has your significant other begged you–at one point–to stop drinking because it is affecting your most important relationships?

If you want to take the first step to finally curb your alcoholism and improve your quality of life, you’ve come to the right post. Here are some ways that you can try to slowly transition to a liquor-free lifestyle.

Make your goal attainable.
Write down in your journal your plan on how to slowly get out of your drinking habit. Do you plan to lessen down your intake to only five bottles per week and then at five bottles per month, after two months?

Remember, it is okay to start slow. But make sure you have everything concrete written down to serve as your reminder to limit your drinking.

Set a budget and practise pacing.
Every time you go out with some friends and simply can’t say no, make sure to stick to a specific amount only to spend on alcohol. After your budget has been maxed out, simply stop.

If your budget only allows you to consume a couple of glasses of beer, you can also pace yourself so you don’t finish everything in one gulp. Slow down and sip your drink slowly and at gaps. Maybe aim for one alcoholic drink per hour and insert one non-alcoholic refreshment in between?

Start a hobby.
Find something that you love doing. Do you love painting? Playing the violin? Or maybe swimming? Commit to that activity every week and aim to really be good at it. Keep in mind that the hobby should be something you are passionate about so that you can sustain it for a long time until it becomes a natural part of your routine.

Hang out with the people who can help you avoid drinking.
As they say, being with the right people is key to stop a bad habit. So avoid going out with your friends who will trigger your alcoholism. Instead, hang out with people who enjoy doing other stuff. If you are looking for a strong support team who can help you out in your transformation, join the OYNB challenge. Are you ready to see the healthier, better version of yourself? Get started today!

Find the support you need with the team.

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