Become a modern-day superhero!

If you are looking for more out of your work. Something meaningful, with time flexibility and no income ceiling, read on.

Who are we​

Super FA is a financial services community platform specialised in recruitment in the financial sector.

Because we believe the biggest disaster that can strike today in Singapore is not a natural disaster but a Financial Disaster, and Financial Advisors are modern-day superheroes.

Why become a financial agent?

Meaningful work

  • When was the last time your work had a direct impact on someone else’s life through your work?
  • You could be the one to help when someone is planning for their next milestone in life; first property purchase, child’s education, personal retirement.
  • Your advice could help set someone’s success for their future or save them hundreds and thousands of dollars from a tragic accident.

Unlimited income potential

  • Have the ability to write your paycheque.
  • You decide how much you want to make for yourself. Your effort = your results.
  • Dream it, achieve it!

Flexible work schedule

  • Want to live your life on your terms?
  • Not needing to wake up to a fixed routine and looking forward to the end of work.
  • You get to plan your own time and build your dreams.

Mentorship and guidance

  • Have a team of mentors and colleagues who have your best interest in mind to push you towards your goals.

Career progression

(Choose to serve clients or manage a team, huge financial incentives.)


  • After two years.

Leadership role

  1. Junior manager
  2. Manager
  3. Senior manager
  4. Director

If you have any of the following traits

  1. Hunger for success
  2. Looking for more
  3. Seeking a meaningful career
  4. Continuous learning
  5. Enjoy social interactions
  6. Great communication skills
  7. An attitude of helping and serving

Take that leap of faith, and it will be all worth it.

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Common stigmas

Financial advisors have to sell hard

  1. That was the old stigma as there was not a lot of regulations in the past.
  2. Currently, with this industry strictly controlled and monitored by the MAS, it makes for a very reputable career to be in.

FAs have to be extroverted and outgoing to have good sales

  1. Not necessarily. It takes different personality traits to connect with other people.
  2. You will have close guidance and mentorship from your team to ensure that you have a smooth transition into this career!
  3. What’s more important is your determination and commitment to your own goals.

There is no financial stability

  1. Transition schemes providing stability.
  2. Competitive allowance scheme.
  3. Your effort = your success!
    When you take care of your clients, the money takes care of itself.

People will stay away from you

  1. While that might be true for some people at the start, most will come back to you when they see how much you have grown.

Hard for someone without financial knowledge to jump in

  1. There are the training and tools to help anyone without prior experience rise to the top!
  2. Mobile apps and digital systems are already there to help you have a smooth journey to serve your customers.

An agent yourself?

Think you have what it takes? Join this fulfilling career to assist individuals with protecting their health and wealth today! #NotAllHerosWearCapes