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Jun 17

Unimaginable 2023 Virtual Conference f. Robert Kiyosaki, Mary Buffett, Dr. Mike Chan

June 17, 2023 - June 18, 2023


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Join Robert Kiyosaki, Mary Buffett, Dr. Mike Chan, Sean Seah, and a lineup of world-class speakers who will be sharing their secrets. They’ll give you actionable steps, research-based insights, and new perspectives to help you build a recession-proof income and rock-solid portfolio.

17th JUNE 2023, 9AM – 6PM
18th JUNE 2023, 9AM – 9PM

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  • The cascading collapse of banks is projected to create the most significant financial crisis in history in 2023.
  • Discover how to leverage this opportunity to hedge, invest and profit in this financial apocalypse.
  • Find out how to fortify your mind, body and spirit to thrive in a chaotic environment.
  • Build better relationships with your family and friends to live a more fulfilling life.

Unimaginable 2023 Virtual Conference f. Robert Kiyosaki, Mary Buffett, Dr. Mike Chan


Keynote 1: Finding Opportunities in Crisis – Robert Kiyosaki

In 2023, the world has turned topsy-turvy.

Some of the safest banks in the world have collapsed and it’s completely unimaginable.

A massive onslaught of retrenchment is ongoing and has devastated millions of people.

Robert Kiyosaki predicted this way back in 2018.

He knew exactly the dangers of Shadow Banking and that it wasn’t sustainable for banks to operate like this.

While the world has been focusing on equities in the last 6-7 years, Robert Kiyosaki has been consistently accumulating digital currencies and precious metals.

For the very first time, Robert Kiyosaki wants to spill his secrets especially after seeing how most people in the world are misled by mainstream establishments such as the news and traditional schooling system.

Come for Next Level Conference 2023 – Robert Kiyosaki will share his outlook on the Banking Collapse and how you can profit from this opportunity of a lifetime.

Robert Kiyosaki will also share the secrets behind his contrarian thinking which led to his meteoric success.

Keynote 2: Investing in an Economic Apocalypse – Mary Buffett

Discover how this recession will change the world we live, work and play FOREVER.

Companies will shrink, more people will start their own businesses, and spending patterns will change completely.

Last year, Mary spent a massive amount of time researching the top 3 industries that could 50-100X after this financial downturn.

She will also explain why the traditional method of Value Investing may be less effective in the future.

Come down and find out what Mary Buffett thinks about the future of investing.

Keynote 3: The Exponential Age of Artificial Intelligence – Sean Seah

Sean will be sharing about the implications of Artificial Intelligence and how you can build an income stream for yourself or invest in this promising trend.

These opportunities are unlimited.

Today, almost a new side hustle is born leveraging AI and generative technology.

Earlier in May, a man built an online Etsy store selling print t-shirts with ChatGPT and generative AI.

Another Australian student also made an extra $500 every week by selling art created from Stable Diffusion.

Sean will explain the infinite possibilities of AI and how you can leverage it to build a promising side hustle for yourself.

Keynote 4: Crazy Things People Do to Reverse Ageing – Dr. Mike Chan

Did you know that a 45-year-old Tech Billionaire in the US spends up to 2 million dollars a year to reverse his age?

He wakes up at 5 am, takes around two dozen supplements, and eats a strict vegan diet of blended foods.

He has taken 33,537 images of his bowels and monitors everything from his bone weight to his number of nighttime erections.

His goal is to restore his organs back to that of a 15-year-old.

Of course, it sounds like a lofty aspiration.

Is that possible?

Let’s hear it from the biggest Anti-Ageing expert in Asia, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan.

Dr. Chan is a Researcher, Author, and Educator in Anti-Ageing and Stem Cell Technology.

He has a prestigious clientele of world-class athletes, celebrities, and even politicians such as Mahathir Mohammad, who regularly seek his health advice.

What you will learn:

  • How to get actionable advice and tips on investing and building wealth in this recession.
  • What are the best and most effective side hustles you can do today to make an extra thousand dollars a month?
  • Why the banking crisis in 2023 will change the world forever and how we can protect ourselves against it.
  • How to keep ourselves physically and mentally sharp and strong during uncertain times.
  • Build deeper and more meaningful relationships with your family and friends so you can enjoy an emotional sanctuary.


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