WPDeveloper is a dedicated marketplace for WordPress plugins, themes and subsystems. The underlying technology of the WPDeveloper marketplace makes the delivery and maintenance of WordPress plugins easier for both plugin developers and users. See more features of WPDeveloper below:

  • Build user-centric WordPress products that are easy to use yet super functional.
  • Build instant credibility and boost your conversion rates by showing real-time sales and engagement notifications.
  • Accelerate the power of Knowledge Base and manage documentation effectively to reduce support tickets and improve user experience.
  • Manage comments for WordPress site and stop spammers using this popular plugin, used by one million-plus happy users’.
  • Fuel up Elementor & Gutenberg Blocks to improve your storytelling. Embed anything and everything from seventy-five plus sources.


The state-of-art licensing and delivery mechanism of the WPDeveloper makes the delivery and maintenance of licenses painless. This is, by far, the most secure system for WordPress plugin delivery and licensing.

On the other hand, the users can enjoy the instant license upgrading feature that makes migration from one version to another seamless. Users don’t have to set up the system all over again. Because all the data and settings of earlier versions will be preserved. WPDeveloper offers the most hassle-free WordPress plugin update experience to web developers and system administrators.

WPDeveloper team hopes to continually deliver quality WordPress plugins with an unparalleled user experience.


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