VivaTerra, which means “living earth”, is inspired by their dedication to operating in harmony with nature and their passion for blending global inspiration with modern, eco-conscious design.

Enhancing life with quality gifts and decor for the home and garden is their passion. Today they have grown into one of the leading flag, home and garden companies in North America.


VivaTerra was born on the coast of California in 2004 with a vision to provide an eco-friendly decor option at a time when there were few available. Their founders held a passionate belief that there was no need to compromise natural resources or environmental health in pursuit of a beautiful home. Blending modern Californian design, natural and eco-friendly materials, and global inspiration, the brand grew and developed its signature style.

As their reputation expanded, it became a go-to for items such as recycled glass accents, block-printed textiles, and reclaimed wood furnishings. Then in 2014, during their 10th anniversary, VivaTerra was relocated to the East Coast in Virginia, giving the brand’s headquarters, customer care centre, and distribution facility a centralised home for the first time. Reborn on the Eastern side of the country, we now encompass the aesthetic values of both coasts and all of the beauty in between.

Today, VivaTerra continues its mission to help you transform your home into a natural sanctuary filled with beautiful, uncompromising products. They source from and support artisan communities in more than twenty countries across the globe, as well as seek out fair-trade partners and sustainable methods of production. Their product selection continues to grow and evolve based on the wants and needs of their customers while maintaining an assortment that makes them the source for contemporary, culturally inspired eco-style.


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