thisisneverthat E/T-Logo Beanie


  • 100% Acrylic
  • Embroidered Branding


Since Seoul based streetwear label thisisneverthat have experienced an explosion in popularity concurrent with the rise of K-Pop, it’s fairly common to see the two linked whenever thisisneverthat is being introduced to a new audience. While showing up in a BTS video only accelerated the thisisneverthat’s turbo-boosted high profile status, the connection between the two goes beyond simple name-dropping.

What K-Pop does in taking a deceptively simple starting point, pop music, and executing it to almost superhuman levels of perfection, thisisneverthat does with Painth the extremely generalized category of streetwear. Recognizable, but varied enough to keep people interested text branding, innovative takes on perennial favourites and a dedication to functionality make thisisneverthat a label that can imbue timeless style with a modern edge.


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