iPhone 12 Case


  • Screen & lens protection edge
  • Protective micro-fibre lining
  • Sim-card & reset pin slots
  • Cash storage compartment
  • Auto-aligning magnets for add-ons


This modular iPhone 12 case (6.1″) offers room for an extra SIM card, a reset pin, and some emergency cash. The integrated magnets align seamlessly with detachable add-ons like the Magnetic Cardholder or Folio to become a fully-fledged wallet. (add-ons not included)

Storage Stores: 1 scanner card & hidden cash
Reset Pin: Reset pin storage slot
Sim-card: Extra sim-card storage slot
Screen protection: Screen protecting the edge
Lens Protection: Camera lens protection edge
Lining: Soft protective microfiber lining
Leather: Premium American leather by ECCO
Magnets: Auto-aligning Halbach magnets which don’t damage your cards


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