Hat Country

With a growing online presence came a wider customer base, and with Hatcountry’s growing popularity, it began to diversify its stock to meet the demands of country folk and urbanite followers alike. Its line of products soon included a variety of fedoras – now their second most popular type of hat trailing only to cowboy hats. Flat caps, sun hats, Indiana Jones hats, ball caps, and classic dress styles were also soon part of its collection, one of the largest available online. From there it was only natural to offer cowboy boots, moccasins, accessories, and apparel.


First opening its “doors” in 1973, by the late 1980s, Hatcountry had joined the exciting world of the rodeo and fair circuit, travelling throughout the United States selling its wares to western wear fanatics country-wide. With each year, Hatcountry gained more devoted customers and expanded to meet the diverse tastes and needs of its customers. Of course, from day one Stetson, Resistol, and Bullhide by Montecarlo were in high demand, and Hatcountry quickly established a close working relationship with these legendary companies.


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