A carefully curated collection of high-performance luxury skincare. Anti-ageing skincare that is stunningly simple, yet from a chemistry perspective, incredibly complex, ultimately providing truly visible results.



EXPERT-BASED – With over twenty years of experience in the beauty industry and an unwavering entrepreneurial passion, Colleen has a vast knowledge of the complexity of skin and hair and a clear understanding of what they truly need. Her upscale collection of beauty and lifestyle products are powerful, luxurious, and highly effective.

SCIENCE-BACKED – Each product seamlessly blends the best time-tested ingredients, the newest cutting-edge technology and the brand’s proprietary Level E3 delivery system, resulting in healthy, beautiful skin and hair for all ages.

HIGH PERFORMANCE – Thanks to a deep understanding of the manufacturing fundamentals needed to develop multi-tasking products, Colleen knows what components are essential to provide both immediate and long-term effects. Each formula is designed to give maximum results with minimal effort.

CAREFULLY CURATED – Like a capsule wardrobe, every product in the Colleen Rothschild collection is meant to be mixed and matched to suit your ever-changing beauty needs. Each one was created with a specific purpose and has transformative and comprehensive results.

SENSORY-RICH – The combination of exquisite aromatics, rich textures and beautiful packaging truly indulge all the senses. These luxe products allow you to create your own unique rituals for an unforgettable journey.

Trust your skin to the expert!


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