Brow Gel


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Waterproof
  • 4 shades: clear, blonde, bronde, and brunette
  • Suitable for all brow types


This is a brow perfecting, waterproof, Brow Gel in both tinted and clear formulas. 3 tints available: blonde, bronde and brunette.

What it does:
Brush brow hair up to neaten and widen the brow and to set Brow Powder and Brow Pomade. Tinted gels add more density, blends sun-bleached and grey hairs. Adheres Garbo & Kelly Brow Powder and Brow Pomade for long-lasting wear. Set to finish. Waterproof. Gives lift, widens and neatens the brow, sets powder and pomade, helps blend.

Suitable For: All brow types

Tips and Tricks:
Define with Garbo & Kelly Brow Perfection Pencil then dust Brow Powder for a soft smokey blend or for more density apply Garbo & Kelly Brow Pomade. Set with Brow Gel to finish
For easy application use Garbo & Kelly Brow Guides
Lift and open the eye with highlighter from our Master of Illumination Palette.


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